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Sugar Stoned was created to further empower the sisterhood of millions of women who indulge in and embrace canna culture.

Everyday millions of people across the world indulge in various canna & hemp lifestyles. However, so many of those millions of people are women who are not fully comfortable acknowledging or celebrating that choice because of the colorless stigma still surrounding women who smoke.

Sugar Stoned was started with a goal to celebrate the various exceptional women who practice within this culture by providing them with unique pieces that suit their individualistic needs.. We are women who vary in religious backgrounds, lifestyle choices, professions, appearances and many other traits that are designed to separate us. These ladies include so many of our sisters, coworkers, creatives, neighbors, employers, moms, teachers, doctors, politicians & the list stretches on.

Some for leisure and some for wellness, practicing responsibly within this culture includes so many other fashions than just smoking.

We are here to connect women with stylish products that suit their life styles, as well as support this sweet sisterhood that has come to develop amongst us. We are truly a fabulous force!